Berrie is my persona and mascot! He is also a self insert sometimes. It IS that bitch. His lore depends on whatever setting I shove him in, but most times, its just a model and horny streamer who lives in Hell. He's also dating his modeling manager, Kizomag. (That barely exists because I never drew his ref and I don't think I ever will... [praying emoji] amen)

Issue ?

Yes :)

Important Notes

- Berrie can wear anything but more often than not he's in skirts and oversized clothes. He doesn't often wear shoes, only socks.
- His eyes are pink with BLUE pupils. Not optional. (As Joker his eyes are just blue :])
- His horns can either be smooth or they can have ridges.
- You can either draw him normally or like the Joker
- He has freckles!
- Can have twin tails, a ponytail, or a jellyfish haircut!
- I don't have any other notes- go wild!

Fun Facts

- I said earlier that he was made in 2020, but more specifically I made him September 18th of 2020!
- It is a shapeshifter, but mostly keeps its form the same unless it wants to change its junk and/or hair DKFJGLDF
- Exists in many forms! Has a Joker version, a Pokemon version (specifically ScarVi), and a version in my original world, Kimarui!
- I have. over 65+ images of him by myself and others <3 He's so babygirl fr


A selection of images of Berrie! Hover over the images for credits and click for full size images! Also banner above his About is by my friend Toby!