Pip is my fursona! He loves to go on adventures with his boyfriend Dusk and friends! He spends a lot of time otherwise doing crafts or sleeping...

Issue ?

We pretend not to see it o7

Important Notes

- Pip can wear anything but more often than not he's in just an oversized sweater. Go crazy with the outfits! Some vibes I can give are go for lolita or fairy kei vibes if drawing him with any outfit other than his sweater :)
- LOVES Sanrio- specifically Cinnamoroll lol
- Idk I don't have a lot of thoughts for him like my other sona Berrie lol!

Fun Facts

- He's a bit dumb but means well lol
- I'm putting him in my first game!
- I hope I can get a partial kemono fursuit of him eee
- Maybe I will add more... idk he's no lore beast he's just a little guy..


A selection of images of Pip! Hover over the images for credits and click for full size images! Also banner above his About is from Unsplash